Hamburger, 5 ounce Lean Patty

Hawaiian Jumbo Burger

Served with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, jack cheese and 2 slices of pineapple.

Cheeseburger, 5 ounce Lean Patty

Chicken Salad

Grilled marinated chicken breast, lettuce, carrots, broccoli and tomatoes.

Broiled New York Steak

New York steak flame broiled to your liking. Served with french fries, mixed vegetables, green salad and your choice of dressing.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled boneless and skinless butterflied breast of chicken marinated with citrus juices, spices with french fries and mixed vegetables.

Our juicy, hand formed hamburgers are all served with french fries.

Grilled Ham & Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Cold Ham & Cheese

Side Order of Fries

Served with French fries